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Inspiration: Decorated Boots

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Inspiration
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Patches, belts, dangles, beads, spikes, flowers, keys….. Here’s some inspiration for found-item boots.


To me, bleach is the watercolor paint of fabric decoration. It can be messy or precise, opaque or sheer, and it’s not entirely predictable. The difference, obviously, is that you’re taking color away rather than adding it.

If you want some basics on how to use bleach to make designs on fabric, you can check out Eve S. on Cut Out + Keep, who made this smashing skeleton shirt:

The one thing I’d do differently: dunk the shirt in a vinegar/water mix when you’re all done painting. The vinegar will neutralize the bleach and help get rid of the stink. Also, wear gloves.

While I have huge heart eyes for that shirt– especially because the entire thing is painted freehand (really nice job, Eve)– I was thinking of something more along these lines:

Either could be done using freezer paper stencils with a bleach spray.

The problems:
1. Those would be some intricate bloody stencils.

2. On the tank, the lettering is lighter than the shirt, so the stencil would be made by cutting out the letters and blocking off the background. On the dress, the letters are dark and the background is light, so each letter would be blocked off and the background sprayed with the bleach solution.
I’m not sure which would be easier.

3. I don’t actually have the time to make either version, because I have twelve art projects to finish up. But if any enterprising bleach fanatic feels like giving it a go, please do report back with your results.

Inspiration- Bad Arse Vesty Thang

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Inspiration


From an Etsy shop that isn’t there anymore. Found on Pinterest. Want. Badly want.


DIY Safety Pin Jacket from Cocorosa. Click picture to visit her blog.