This is me. I wear hats.

There’s something very slightly amusing happening just behind the camera.

Hey. I’m Alex. This here is my blog. I made it just so I could show off all the weird stuff I make, and so I could talk about how to DIY everything without resorting to talking to myself, or to my stuffed version of Pepe from the Muppets.

In real life (e.g., the one that doesn’t involve much typing), I’m an art student, a dancer, and a mom. I draw on pretty much anything, up to and including my kids. Pepe is exempt from being drawn on (for now).

If you’re so inclined, you can read my ramblings about dancing at www.learningtobebarefoot.blogspot.com. It is considerably more hippy-tastic (hur hur hur! I’m a bellydancer, so that’s a wicked pun!), but I’m still a pirate at heart, and it shows.

Sometimes I make things and I don’t keep them. These things (usually jewelry, hats, artwork and some clothing when I’m feeling especially patient) end up in my Etsy shop. Buying stuff from me is like petting a puppy that’s eating rainbows and pooping cupcakes. True story.


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