Acronyms and Inspirations

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

I feel like there’s a certain type of post I’d make a lot, if I could figure out how to categorize it. It’d be posts where I see something and try to figure out how to make it– WTW? (Would This Work?) HTDT? (How To Do This?) MLT? (Maybe Like This?) The most accurate would be IBICMT,IJHTFIO (I Bet I Could Make This, I Just Have To Figure It Out). My notebooks are filled with these queries. I try to guess the problems ahead of time (e.g., “If I make this tank top with plastic skulls on the back, how do I wash it?”), which for me is about 75% of the fun of creating things. It’s like being a crafty Sherlock. Ok, maybe more like a crafty Mythbuster.

I have a lot of inspiration for these sorts of posts on my Pinterest “Makey Inspiratorial” board. A lot of the pins are purely for inspiration, not to directly copy (like this skirt by Gibbous Fashions and this amazing coat). Sometimes I like the general look of something, but would change details on it (for example, I’d use a different skyline to make this lamp), or they’re a collection of different ways to do the same thing (like all these boot decorations). And that’s how I usually work– if I want to make something but can’t find a tutorial, I’ll look for as many photos as I can find and work backwards from a finished object. Does it always work? No. But generally, I’ll know why it doesn’t work, and can decide from there whether it’s worth another try.

So. If you follow my boards on Pinterest, you’ll see a lot of things you can make. I do pin a lot of tutorials from all over the web. But you’ll also see random photos of things I appreciate. Hope you don’t mind.


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