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Dark Arts: A Guide to Gothic DIY is NOW AVAILABLE! Check it out! Woooooo!



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I haven’t posted here much lately, because I’ve been working on (drumroll with associated antici……pation)…



Here’s the cover:

darkartscoverfinal…seriously, I can’t believe it’s done. It was many weeks of writing, crafting, photographing, learning to edit things, fixing formatting issues, and now FINALLY IT’S DONE.

It’ll be for sale tomorrow, October 1, in my Etsy Shop. Just in time for Halloween, if you’re not the type to make creepy things year-round. Here’s a teaser of a few of the projects:

Top: Mourning Brooch. Bottom left: Fairy Gothmother Ear Cuff. Bottom right: Mercury Belt Bracelet.

Top: Mourning Brooch. Bottom left: Fairy Gothmother Ear Cuff. Bottom right: Mercury Belt Bracelet.

Are you excited? I AM EXCITED.

Acronyms and Inspirations

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I feel like there’s a certain type of post I’d make a lot, if I could figure out how to categorize it. It’d be posts where I see something and try to figure out how to make it– WTW? (Would This Work?) HTDT? (How To Do This?) MLT? (Maybe Like This?) The most accurate would be IBICMT,IJHTFIO (I Bet I Could Make This, I Just Have To Figure It Out). My notebooks are filled with these queries. I try to guess the problems ahead of time (e.g., “If I make this tank top with plastic skulls on the back, how do I wash it?”), which for me is about 75% of the fun of creating things. It’s like being a crafty Sherlock. Ok, maybe more like a crafty Mythbuster.

I have a lot of inspiration for these sorts of posts on my Pinterest “Makey Inspiratorial” board. A lot of the pins are purely for inspiration, not to directly copy (like this skirt by Gibbous Fashions and this amazing coat). Sometimes I like the general look of something, but would change details on it (for example, I’d use a different skyline to make this lamp), or they’re a collection of different ways to do the same thing (like all these boot decorations). And that’s how I usually work– if I want to make something but can’t find a tutorial, I’ll look for as many photos as I can find and work backwards from a finished object. Does it always work? No. But generally, I’ll know why it doesn’t work, and can decide from there whether it’s worth another try.

So. If you follow my boards on Pinterest, you’ll see a lot of things you can make. I do pin a lot of tutorials from all over the web. But you’ll also see random photos of things I appreciate. Hope you don’t mind.

I have been watching waaaaaaaay too much Supernatural. If you haven’t seen the “Frontierland” episode from Season 6, I won’t spoil it for you– but this is one of Dean’s lines. It’s so good. Soooooo good.

Did this shirt with a freezer paper stencil. Image is below if you wanna make your own.


Scarves: What allow me to wear v-neck shirts year round, even when there’s snow whipping into my ears. Here’s a handful of DIY scarves to try out this year.

The creator of this snazzy scarf claims it can be made in just 15 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to boil a pot of tea, so why not try it?



American Apparel Circle Scarf Knock Off from Come On Ileen

Anyone who’s been paying attention to fashion knows about circle scarves (also called “infinity scarves”), as they’re super duper popular. So it’s no surprise that this made it on the list. I love that you can wear it looped twice, looped once, or as a shawl.



Downfall of most scarves: They fall off or get blown around just when you need them most. Maria Torti solved this problem by adding buttons, and she shows you how in this tutorial.



T-Shirt scarf from Ruffles and Stuff

I really, really, really like this layered, ruffled scarf.



Lace End scarf from Sea lo que sea

This is such a clever idea– adding lace to the ends of a scarf. I’ll take one in brown with antique handmade lacyness, please.



Winter Warmer Cowl from Coletterie

Not quite a scarf, but working on the same idea as the infinity ones, this cowl is just gorgeous. I especially like the gathering in the front. And it’s reversible. Say no more.

I live in Wisconsin, where a gal can never have too many warm hats. Or too much cheese. Wait, no, I’m allergic to dairy. So I can absolutely have too much cheese (e.g. “any”).¬† But hats? Oh, I’ll take ’em all.

Hat made from a t-shirt via At Second Street.

This one may not be super snuggly in its original design, but I’d imagine it could be made with an old sweatshirt rather than an old t-shirt. Either way, bonus points for creative reuse.

Another upcycled piece, this time using cozy sweaters. Isn’t that really what a hat is, after all? A sweater for your head? She lines it with fake fur, too. Mmmm.

Jill Sander Inspired Veiled Beanie from Crashing Red

I know. You’re thinking, “A winter hat with a veil? Whaaa?” And my answer to you is: Oh yes. And why not? No fashion is safe from a remix, and the beanie is long overdue.

DIY Brimmed hat from Tasha Delrae

A slightly different brimmed hat here, this time with a slightly girlier gathered top. I shall make one in skull print cuddle fleece.

Cupcake hat at Instructables.

Pie Popper at Instructables posted this tutorial for a cupcake hat. I’m over 30 years old and I still kinda want one. Imagine how fun it’d be to decorate!

Warm Winter Hat Pattern via From An Igloo.

From An Igloo is a Canadian blog, and Canadians know winter as well as we Wisconsinites do. So I completely trust that this hat will make my head feel snuggier than a mouse burrowed in an underwear drawer. AND there’s an option to add dinosaur spikes. I suppose I could make them for the kids, too….

No costume yet? Check the links below for some nifty Halloween mask DIYs.

Sew up a bat mask, thanks to Living With Punks.

These bat masks would be fun for kids, or for wearing while you ride your bike to school. Just sayin’.

Beak mask from SmilingSilverSmith’s Gift Ideas.

This paper beak mask makes me think of old plague doctor masks. And, y’know, birds.

Tulle/Paint masquerade mask from Sprinkles in Springs.

What a fantastic masquerade mask! It’s done with tulle and fabric paints. Enterprising artists could design their own, and everyone else can download her handy template.

Storm Trooper mask from Filth Wizardry (winner of my “Best Blog Name Evar” award)

Nerds on a budget rejoice. This Storm Trooper mask is made from a pair of plastic milk jugs.

This last mask is more for my own reference than anything else– my son, now 11, wants to dress as a ninja about four times a year. Who can blame the kid? Ninjas > Zombies any day (he likes to dress as a zombie, too, though. And sometimes a zombie ninja).